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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I’m not a misanthrope!

I am not a misanthrope! But I am perplexed upon seeing some fellow human beings behaving just like senseless creatures.Why does someone behave like butchers or cannibals? Attempt to rape, murder attempts, loot, burglary and immoral activities have become a day today phenomenon. Newspapers depicts a plethora of such incidents. The news highlights focuses just upon all these. What do we have to learn from them?
I have gone crazy upon hearing the opposition’s perverse utterance opposing all that the ruling party does. I am not impressed when hartal and strikes kill the precious office hours. I am mourning since my state is crawling on the haunches unable to clinch a grip on development in any sector. I don’t see smoke emanating from the incense for worship but I see cigarette pipes and human dummy’s emitting the black smoke polluting the state’s atmosphere and the minds of its people. I writhe and wriggle in such a suffocating world!
Still, I am not a misanthrope but I own a bosom throbbing to see a better tomorrow and a better future generation. The politicians are misusing the people just like the seeds sown in between thorny shrubs. The people nurture the political vampires and when they become the ruling heads, they crush the ones who made them what they are! How could someone involve themselves in multiple scams? I am not going to favor any particular political party and I cast my vote for someone who oozes passion, spirit of liberation from the traditional superstitions and the one whose eyes won’t turn paleupon seeing the ruling chair.Whoever be the opposition, the agenda is always the same. What gain does someone get through obstructing work and through destroying public property? Why does someone let loose injustice and aggression? I gasp not for life-breath but for the spirit of liberation from the state of dissipation and ignominy. Which river can cleanse this grimy state?
When we adopt foreign fashion trends and when we Anglicize our mother tongue, why don’t we learn to develop and grow just like them? Why don’t we draw inspiration from Japan who revived themselves out of nothing? Why don’t we try to learn from Singapore who had developed a lot with the infrastructure and development? Let me dream of my state with the luster and shine of joy and prosperity sprouting everywhere. Let the people’s parties strive to eradicate injustice and aggression. Let us become a quintessence to the world! We all have miles to go before we sleep and let us move our country along!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Windows 8 – Is Microsoft adopting Hitler’s tactics?

I had been using Windows 8 for the past few weeks. I am really impressed by its features and speed. All is well, except for a few! I don’t want to criticize Microsoft because I am damn sure that this version of Windows is not going to be a total failure like its predecessors Windows Vista and Windows 7. The integration of the Facebook Messenger and the Mail Box to the start screen is an additional cream over the hot delicious porridge that’s served right before me.
But the unfortunate thing is the monopoly that Microsoft wants to establish is being reflected in its new OS.

  • Microsoft’s Windows 8 doesn’t support Linux to run along with it.

They say that it’s security reasons. But the real business mind and the impacts of the Microsoft’s war that it had been waging for its dominancy for decades against Linux operating systems and its variants is reflected in this crap. Many users who wanted to keep two operating systems are very much affected by this SECURITY UPDATE that Microsoft had added to the new OS.
  • The poor support for Google Chrome

The OS prevents Chrome from executing really fast as it does with other operating systems. This compels the Windows 8 users to shift to Internet Explorer for better speeds.
  • The need for a Microsoft Account

Windows 8 wants its users to register for a Microsoft account. It’s really hectic to remember what password we had kept for all the email accounts when we have too many accounts here and there. Microsoft would have been looking for a boost up of the users who use their mail portals. I too had created one for it was something that one requires in order to make Windows 8 handier. I am damn sure that many people who had never been looking at live.com or hotmail.com would be having email accounts in either of them now for the same reason.
To win over the world shouldn’t be through a dominant approach. The real tactics and professional mind is one that is required for any company to prosper. I don’t say that Google is everything. But I really like the way they approach the world. They spread their web presence through their social networking site called Google Plus. The craze that the world has towards Facebook gave a blow to their attempts to be established in the field of social networking. Still, I believe that Google has a good stand in the minds of the people.

I don’t think that Adolf Hitler’s way is the right way, when the IT industry is concerned. I welcome diplomatic ideas which are not dominant. I hope that Microsoft will think of this at least by the time they publish their next release.