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Saturday, October 25, 2014


I hadn't been writing a blog for so long. I had got no time to traverse through the cob web stitched with my thread of thoughts. During a casual chat with an old school mate of mine, my blogs came into picture. When she asked me why I didn't write of ‘MOM’, I was confused. When I had entitled my blog as ‘MOM’, I doubt how many of you would have thought of your own mother who had carried you in her womb for ten months and the one who took hardships to make you abler and stronger to be what you are now. When this old pal of mine had mentioned ‘MOM’, I thought of my own mother who stays 2900 kilometers away from where I am right now. But my characteristic behavior to look at a phrase through different angles made me google for the word ‘MOM’. To my amazement, the first result that came up was not ‘mother’ but ‘Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)’. India’s leap to Mars though this mission had made us proud of our nation. I know nothing much of Mars except that it’s a planet in outer space. Yeah, correct me. It’s a planet in the solar system orbiting next to the Earth. Yes. Yes. Yes. I had not forgotten what my science teacher had taught me in third standard. I had seen lot many posts in Facebook appreciating the people who had worked behind this mission. I do salute and applaud those great scientists and I respect your work to the core. Let us be proud of our nation and our achievement.

It’s the Indian’s common behavior to offend anything and everything. When India made a giant leap to outer space, there were statistical surveys to divide the amount spent on India’s Mars Orbiter Mission to see how much each Indian would have got if it was divided among the whole population. I had noticed that someone had reverted to one such survey as follows: “The Rs.4.54 billion can be used to give Rs.4.54 to each one of us - a billion Indians, and that might (hypothetically) feed us all a single meal for a day (it wouldn't). But after that single meal has been consumed and excreted out, we are back to square one.

I completely agree to what my fellow citizen had told. If you are too bothered about the money spent on the space mission, just try to avoid eating a pizza from Dominos or avoid a trip to KFC. Why just four and half rupees? You can save enough money to satisfy the hunger of at least two babies who cry for their one time meal. I plead my fellow citizens to refrain themselves from doing worthless surveys and I beseech them to do something that will help India to develop further into a developed country. When a country is developed, there would be no poverty and famine. In countries like USA, the fellow politicians shake hands, appreciate each other, support each other and promote the country’s growth. Here if a politician does the same, he gets kicked out of his seat. Shashi Tharoor who had served as an official spokesperson for the Congress party from January to October 2014 was dropped from his position in the party on 13th October 2014 following a disciplinary action for praising Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and his “Swachh Bharat” campaign. To my understanding, it’s just the Congress’ suspicion that what will happen if someone think that their opposition party BJP is more efficient that led to the disciplinary action against the fellow comrade. What will you loss if you praise someone when they do well? Dr. Puratchithalaivi Jayalalitha was arrested for a scam. Right. She did wrong. She was arrested. There were lot of posts flowing through social media to criticize her. Where were you when she had opened restaurants whole over Chennai where food was served for unimaginably low price? Where were you when she had supplied water and butter milk to the people during the hot summer absolutely free of cost? And from where did all your fury sprout out when she had a bad time?

There are good and bad times for all of us. To err is human. Can you say that you had never sinned in your life? Can you ever say that you had never done a wrong doing? If you look around, even the dirtiest and the wicked person would be having some good quality. I humbly request my fellow citizens to be more optimistic and to applaud people when they do good deeds. Sometimes your appreciation can cause a changeover. There are stories of people who had changed upon hearing a good word from someone or when someone had shown mercy on them. You cannot baptize the whole world. Live well. Do well. As Mahatma Gandhi had said, “Be the change you want to see in the society”. Thank you dear reader for spending your time on my blog. Wish you a great time ahead.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I’m not a misanthrope!

I am not a misanthrope! But I am perplexed upon seeing some fellow human beings behaving just like senseless creatures.Why does someone behave like butchers or cannibals? Attempt to rape, murder attempts, loot, burglary and immoral activities have become a day today phenomenon. Newspapers depicts a plethora of such incidents. The news highlights focuses just upon all these. What do we have to learn from them?
I have gone crazy upon hearing the opposition’s perverse utterance opposing all that the ruling party does. I am not impressed when hartal and strikes kill the precious office hours. I am mourning since my state is crawling on the haunches unable to clinch a grip on development in any sector. I don’t see smoke emanating from the incense for worship but I see cigarette pipes and human dummy’s emitting the black smoke polluting the state’s atmosphere and the minds of its people. I writhe and wriggle in such a suffocating world!
Still, I am not a misanthrope but I own a bosom throbbing to see a better tomorrow and a better future generation. The politicians are misusing the people just like the seeds sown in between thorny shrubs. The people nurture the political vampires and when they become the ruling heads, they crush the ones who made them what they are! How could someone involve themselves in multiple scams? I am not going to favor any particular political party and I cast my vote for someone who oozes passion, spirit of liberation from the traditional superstitions and the one whose eyes won’t turn paleupon seeing the ruling chair.Whoever be the opposition, the agenda is always the same. What gain does someone get through obstructing work and through destroying public property? Why does someone let loose injustice and aggression? I gasp not for life-breath but for the spirit of liberation from the state of dissipation and ignominy. Which river can cleanse this grimy state?
When we adopt foreign fashion trends and when we Anglicize our mother tongue, why don’t we learn to develop and grow just like them? Why don’t we draw inspiration from Japan who revived themselves out of nothing? Why don’t we try to learn from Singapore who had developed a lot with the infrastructure and development? Let me dream of my state with the luster and shine of joy and prosperity sprouting everywhere. Let the people’s parties strive to eradicate injustice and aggression. Let us become a quintessence to the world! We all have miles to go before we sleep and let us move our country along!